a mundane day in my life :)
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I bought my dream fall wardrobe
Wedding Body Transformation (ep. 1)
What it's like being engaged at 19
Why I got engaged at 19
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Shopping My Own Closet Challenge!
Building My Tiny Dog A Tiny House
I Got 3D Acrylic Nails
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Extreme Office Makeover
something needs to change
nyc shopping haul
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Prieš metus
throwing myself a party
Madison Carter
Madison Carter Prieš 6 val
Probably so cheap because they don’t pay their workers 😅
Emmy Faith
Emmy Faith Prieš 6 val
She cured so much but I love her
Barbie Blank
Barbie Blank Prieš 6 val
Omg Haley Pham Love you queen
Jolie Riesenberg
Jolie Riesenberg Prieš 7 val
i want all of her pants ahh😍
Brooke Angus
Brooke Angus Prieš 8 val
"is it cropped or oversized?" *Puts the jacket on* "Huh it's like a weird in-between, I kinda like it" .....you....you mean it fits?
cutie Prieš 8 val
these comments make me feel bad about buying from here but it's all i can afford
Maya Maxfield
Maya Maxfield Prieš 9 val
ah this is very sad
Kayleigh Ann Britton
Kayleigh Ann Britton Prieš 12 val
Are hayley and ryan still engaged? What is going on I feel like they just stopped posting together.
Mistee Ray
Mistee Ray Prieš 12 val
Is anyone else severely bothered by their seatbelts in the beginning? 😭
Dana Katz
Dana Katz Prieš 15 val
please tell me what size tile you used!!! Im struggling...
Sharzyz Playz
Sharzyz Playz Prieš 15 val
Ryan watched mumbo jumbo POG
jayleen soler
jayleen soler Prieš 17 val
i love this og haley personality coming out in these videos, i missed this haha
Shalini Joseph
Shalini Joseph Prieš 18 val
Use the code 🌟 4CA34D 🌟 to get a discount off your YesStyle order! Just put it in the friends rewards section !!
Paige Prevost
Paige Prevost Prieš dieną
Hope everyone in the comments researches every single company they use if they’re that concerned about child labor. It’s not just clothes, and it’s not just the one company that you’ve heard about more. In the meantime, jumping on one person for their purchases doesn’t solve the issue - at all, especially if the clothes are already bought. And if you want them to know, link the research. Don’t just say a company does something if it’s not certain. Cheap doesn’t automatically equal child labor. Expensive can use child labor as well.
Cupid Queen
Cupid Queen Prieš dieną
I ran away when I was seven and was dragged back and given sweet
Bailey Jean
Bailey Jean Prieš dieną
You should get a tattoo related to spock
Angel Prieš dieną
Im seeing a lot of comments about how she's not buying from ethically made brands but back when she was doing hauls on clothes that were ethically made she got hate that is was too expensive and how she was being unsympathetic towards her audience because they couldn't afford it..... so what should she do? I've seen creators on here go thrift shopping and get hate because people thought they were turning thrift shopping into a trend and whatever. People can't seem to please you guys. Leave your recommendations and advice without being condescending in the comments and maybe then she'll listen to you.
jaiden vonhurst
jaiden vonhurst Prieš dieną
stop talking shit on her just live your own lives my god
sparks Prieš dieną
im disappointed she didnt wax her head, imagine bald haley
Emma moore
Emma moore Prieš dieną
i did allergy shots and they helped so much and i’m so happy i got them
Paige Danielle
Paige Danielle Prieš dieną
Are you wearing the bra on the loosest clasp? Victoria's Secret as a reputation to measure smaller than you actually are (even though I know you said at VS you're a 34 not a 32) but Balconette bras are known for running smaller and also being see through! Those kind of bras are meant to be the "sexy" kind of bras that don't feel like you're wearing anything, no matter where you get them!
loverboyjoshh Prieš dieną
Where are the tattoos from
shrek Prieš dieną
oh my lord I love your mom
Cyrus Choy-awon
Cyrus Choy-awon Prieš dieną
Lol nhs in the uk is our health service lmao
Nat Bat
Nat Bat Prieš dieną
Wait but I feel like she doesn’t have that 🤌 abg vibe.... like her indie hipster is too prominent
Michelle Sanchez
Michelle Sanchez Prieš dieną
I’m so sorry I love your vids but plz don’t buy from here
Jaycie Sowell
Jaycie Sowell Prieš dieną
Pls im so ready for her to get a tattoo PLS HALEEYYYYY SHES AT 29 MILLON ❤️
Ria Sharma
Ria Sharma Prieš dieną
the yesstyle clothings looks so cute so i was rlly thinking of getting it but a bunch of da comments say that they use child labor, what do yall think i should do?
Jaycie Sowell
Jaycie Sowell Prieš dieną
Ella Wang
Ella Wang Prieš dieną
pretty sure they shipped from guangzhou so that's why it took so long
Lisa Zhong
Lisa Zhong Prieš dieną
i dont understand why you didnt look at the measurements they have
Laura S
Laura S Prieš dieną
Omg love you haley
Lily-Rose Depp’s Wife
Lily-Rose Depp’s Wife Prieš dieną
girl it’s cheap because these company’s rely almost entirely on child labor.
gheida ali
gheida ali Prieš dieną
Not me just realizing she is asian😀🤚
Katerina Prieš dieną
Somebody pls tell me the song at 3:25
stationerycloud Prieš dieną
anaii Kazoo
anaii Kazoo Prieš dieną
She genuinely seems to be so out of touch and unaware of what she’s promoting rn
Ella Thompson
Ella Thompson Prieš 11 val
why what is she promoting
Jana Maimani
Jana Maimani Prieš dieną
Guys I googled if this brand has anything to do with child labor and apparently they don’t so stop hating on her and if it did rather than attacking her you could inform her in a polite way ( and if you tell me she should’ve searched this company up before purchasing from them or she should’ve known better I’m sorry but it would have never crossed my mind that I should look up a company and see if they use child labor or not and one more thing you can see in the video that she genuinely thought that it was just a normal cheap boutique/store so you guys need to be more polite in informing people about their mistakes)
Figures and Frames
Figures and Frames Prieš dieną
Does anyone else notice when she says 5 starts she only puts 4 stars on the screen...
Sophia Nieves
Sophia Nieves Prieš dieną
I just found this website and was nervous to buy thank u for doing this video
Sophia Nieves
Sophia Nieves Prieš dieną
The intro 😂😜😜😜😜
Moira Davis
Moira Davis Prieš dieną
For the tight band on a bra get a cheap pack of bra extenders from walmart. My walmart had packs of 4 for $8 they just hook onto the bra clasps and act like extra hooks. 10/10
Fancy P0rkch0p
Fancy P0rkch0p Prieš dieną
Guys, there is seriously no reason for people to be hating. Mistakes are made. We can politely correct and inform the mistake that was made. It’s not like she bought the clothes purposely trying to support child labor, etc. She honestly didn’t know, and that’s ok. I’m sure she is reading comments now understanding and learning what the issue is. Her and Ryan’s hearts are in the right place, as they do attempt to avoid using products and brands that support such bad things. And they are proving so through Homestead that they do indeed care. Mistakes happen. It’s ok to correct what should be corrected, but do it kindly. 💛 love you Haley and Ryan!
Maddison Pilon
Maddison Pilon Prieš dieną
Spalk is the cutestttt
cady grace
cady grace Prieš dieną
No no no no no not the seatbelttttttt
Sadie Chapel
Sadie Chapel Prieš dieną
you should definitely try aliexpress or shein next, some of their stuff is even cheaper than yesstyle:))
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy Prieš dieną
I watched some of your earlier videos first when you still had dark hair so yes, I knew you were Asian.
Lakiesha Cassady
Lakiesha Cassady Prieš dieną
Where do you buy your fake tattoos from?
Kinny Prieš dieną
you have always looked part Asian to me😂😂
shaia lee
shaia lee Prieš dieną
why is her personality so annoying now lmao seems so superficial
Sarahkey Prieš dieną
Katerina Prieš dieną
What is the song 3:25???
Gabriela Trujillo
Gabriela Trujillo Prieš 2 dienas
Where did you get those shoes?!! I want them so badly but I don't know where to buy them!! Please someone help me.
adrimontalvomusic Prieš 2 dienas
I’m ADDICTED to buying cheap clothes online. This made me wanna shop even moreeee Do you use Depop too?
adrimontalvomusic Prieš 2 dienas
This room is the size of my house!!! I love how you decorated it adding that light really compliments the room well. When Ryan said that no one would notice the walls I disagreed bc I moved into a house with white walls but they aren’t as brightly painted. there’s different shades of white for a reason 🤷‍♀️
Luv2smile157 Prieš 2 dienas
Omg where are those temp tattoos from?!
emoegg18 Prieš 2 dienas
link me the mesh bra you DO like bc i don't wanna wear wired bras all the time but bralettes don't support enough
Lazy_Lo̸lli Prieš 2 dienas
Bruh this isn’t really running away running away is what I am doing called “I am leaving home forever and not telling my family where or when I am leaving”
k k
k k Prieš 2 dienas
haley i hope you’re okay just know you don’t have to do this shit forever and it’s okay to quit this shit. idk i get really suppressed sad girl energy from you :( it’s never too late especially for your young ass, do what you want pls <3 love ur life queen u deserve at least that
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy Prieš 2 dienas
not haley pham giving child labor five stars😬