1936 Extreme House Renovation
a mundane day in my life :)
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I bought my dream fall wardrobe
Olivia Witcher
Olivia Witcher Prieš val
I actually think this weeks video is an improvement from the last one ! The energy isn’t off, ppl are being dramatic. I liked it
a i l i
a i l i Prieš val
u could do such a bomb photoshoot with a painted mirror omg like under a cute tree or just a cloudy sky
Natalee Chase
Natalee Chase Prieš 2 val
i love u haley, but i was kinda let down by this series tbh. there were spots on the camera (did anyone else notice that?) that distracted me bc i thought it was my phone. but it still was good, just not as amazing as i thought
Caren Zaher
Caren Zaher Prieš 3 val
I did not expect the comments to be this bad i personally love the outcomee💗
vale Prieš 3 val
I understand you guys commenting on her relationship with the audience or whatever (or her insta captions), but why are you mad that they didn't do this themselves and got professionals??? I personally hate when people who don't know how to do something just assume they'll do better than professionals, I think this was the smartest choice on their part. They still took care of creating the vision for their house, they just wanted it to be done well. idk, I've unsubscribed a while ago and sometimes I come back to check and this video in particular was not that problematic imo, so what the hell lol
Sab Pablo
Sab Pablo Prieš 3 val
If anyone wants a good example of house renovation videos that has a personal feel, check out Mia Maples’ house renovation series ☺️
idealwithducks Prieš 5 val
Every time she says something like "we settled/decided/compromised on this" and then goes on to say "I'm so glad Ryan trusts me on this" like girl, how bout you let him have a little bit of agency too
Emily Prieš 8 val
Yeah I can’t handle this channel anymore
ashley Sturgeon
ashley Sturgeon Prieš 8 val
you all realize she has a life besides youtube 25/8,shes growing in life and following her dreams lol
Madison Duley
Madison Duley Prieš 9 val
i like it
Logan Krusen
Logan Krusen Prieš 9 val
I hate this
Alyssa Lyn W
Alyssa Lyn W Prieš 10 val
Like idk it feels like she's forcing herself to grow up fast which she doesn't need to do because she is grow up but that comes with time as well idk like she should just let loose have some fun
Alyssa Lyn W
Alyssa Lyn W Prieš 10 val
Something seems off
Julia s
Julia s Prieš 11 val
I like a lot of the tile designs you guys put into the house, the outside is beautiful as well! Excited to see the rest
Ynech Prieš 11 val
Nice swimwear.
Jaden Pratt
Jaden Pratt Prieš 12 val
I really like this video. The last one kinda confused me bc of the thumbnail and then the info inside the video didn’t match. But i liked this one and think your project is going great! Thanks for sharing with us!!
Caitlin Cawood
Caitlin Cawood Prieš 12 val
the house looks beautiful, but i would have loved to see the whole process of walls going up, and painting and decor and whole thing!
Shaye Rouse
Shaye Rouse Prieš 13 val
hi haley i thought i'd give you a positive comment to read ❤️. sending good vibes and happiness your way keep your head up you're doing so well you've already achieved so much at such a young age and you keep thriving through all the negativity. you are wholesome positive and bubbly and that's why people love watching you . you thrive even in the face of adversity, adversity isn't a stumbling block. it's a stepping stone to greatness
Michelle Aguirre
Michelle Aguirre Prieš 14 val
The dust on the lens made me think something was in my eye for like 5 minutes 😂
Ceci Reynolds
Ceci Reynolds Prieš 14 val
Ryan basically led the last video and he’s nowhere to be found in this one? And there’s like 5 second clips of selecting the details for the house, which I’d guess is what people were mostly interested in seeing? I appreciate the effort of branching into something new like house renovation, but I guess I’m confused.
Ceci Reynolds
Ceci Reynolds Prieš 14 val
these past few videos have felt SO awkward. Haley and Ryan both seem to be extremely annoyed with each other and very off. I feel like they should both just take a break from being influencers and experience life without a camera for once. Whatever they have going on behind the scenes is showing on camera and it's so uncomfortable to watch. Especially since this series is all over the place. It doesn't feel planned and we barely got to see any of the demo work or anything else. Kind of feels like she is just rushing through this project and trying to avoid real life
JC Prieš 14 val
Not people still calling the primary bedroom a “master”🤢
Marcella C
Marcella C Prieš 15 val
You ruined your he nails with the charms
Marcella C
Marcella C Prieš 15 val
Yeah this just ain’t it. Cringe as fuck and not personal at all
Stella Blest
Stella Blest Prieš 15 val
It’s really coming together! Can’t wait to see the final result!💚
Mariahb Vlogs• Gospel
Mariahb Vlogs• Gospel Prieš 15 val
JESUS loves you all if you believe or not repent and come to him make him your LORD and Savior GOD is doing 10,000 things in your life that you can't see but he is always working you are made in GODs image you are beautiful and unique 💓 tomorrow isn't promised repent and ask for forgiveness he is coming back again ! Repant you are loved💓
Samantha Rosemary
Samantha Rosemary Prieš 16 val
I think Haley and Ryan are doing a good job I think it’s very stressful to even have such a huge project. I don’t think it’s right to criticize their first project at all because this is honestly A way for them to figure out what they like and what they don’t like and obviously if they get this kind of support which isn’t really support then they probably won’t continue with renovating. I understand maybe wanting to see more on the inside of how things were done however I think with such a full plate as LTlostrs and influencers we should understand as human beings that we all get overwhelmed and need more time to get a custom to new things
Erikä Lee
Erikä Lee Prieš 16 val
I love this the house does look beautiful and like seeing what y’all did to it I think maybe a just trying to be positive advice through the series Remember that having farm house as your personal style is amazing but it doesn’t fit everyone’s taste and doesn’t fit the look of every house but over all the house looks great y’all did good 👍🏻
Jadyn Prieš 16 val
Lovely renovation, it’s beautiful💕 don’t listen to all the people who disliked the series, there are so many others including me who enjoyed it :)
Makensi Pelsang
Makensi Pelsang Prieš 17 val
Wait why is every comment I read so negative. I love the person you are turning into Haley. And I thought so far this series is really cute.
SophieSteph Prieš 17 val
Just let them do them. Idk why y’all grading them on their creation. Like just let them do what they want you don’t have to like it but you really don’t have to comment how much you don’t like it
4NIMA Prieš 18 val
Can you guys stop? Everyone is saying the same thing and I don't think saying the same things 500 times would make it any better. You have to understand that there's a fine line between constructive criticism and bullying. I have come across hundreds of comments basically saying the same thing. Chill guys please
Blasco Nato
Blasco Nato Prieš 18 val
You look very good, you have nice body and you beautiful girl
Brianna Rojas
Brianna Rojas Prieš 18 val
i love this house and would def stay in it if i ever came through fredericksburg!! u guys are doing awesome :)
Kristina Griffin
Kristina Griffin Prieš 18 val
Blasco Nato
Blasco Nato Prieš 18 val
You look very good, you have nice body and you beautiful girl
Ems Mitchell
Ems Mitchell Prieš 19 val
They actually decorated it really nicely though
Ems Mitchell
Ems Mitchell Prieš 19 val
well not decorated but you know what i mean
Love Ann
Love Ann Prieš 20 val
I loveeee this!
Danielle Barrios
Danielle Barrios Prieš 21 val
Alright, I understand people’s hate and confusion about this series. But in my opinion I think she did alright! I don’t get why she’s getting hate for not actually renovating the place, it still came out beautiful and I liked seeing the outcome of it. I’m sure their focal point was originally to take part in the Reno but they saw an opportunity to work with professionals on something that was actually going to get them quality work within a reasonable amount of time. I think the series will get much better as they are fully involved in the decoration of the house. I’m sure if they decide to do another house Reno in the future it’d be a lot more involved but I think it was smart of them to take on a project that was already started, especially as complete beginners in the industry.
Sarah-Kaitlyn Shearer
Sarah-Kaitlyn Shearer Prieš 21 val
beautiful home renovation with a lot of thought put into every detail! so happy you guys kept so many original parts of the house! Can't wait to see it all furnished and decorated! great job guys!:)
Kristine Squires
Kristine Squires Prieš 21 val
Where's the kitchen in your guest house?
Marcy Whitesell
Marcy Whitesell Prieš 22 val
What a beautiful house and wonderful transformations
Marcy Whitesell
Marcy Whitesell Prieš 22 val
Is this your house or will others be using it Great job wish i had that talent
E.L. Prieš 23 val
I feel bad :( I'm sorry about these comments 🤍
Mariana Santillan
Mariana Santillan Prieš 23 val
you guys are judging way too much. they’re literally 19 year olds starting their dream. you guys were expecting a HGTV episode as if they had the experience. could they have done better? yes. are they just starting? yes.
Natalie's Crafts
Natalie's Crafts Prieš dieną
I absolutely love the house so far!! It looks so cute, can't wait to hopefully stay there one day!! 💗
Aoife Murtagh
Aoife Murtagh Prieš dieną
I'm seriously disappointed with some of the comments I'm seeing like what the hell. The fact that Haley and Ryan are even deciding to share their new home (which is a private thing that they have no obligation to do in the first place) and all that you want to do is complain about the video and how it wasn't what you wanted. Maybe they didn't film the whole process but that's because renovating a home is super stressful and time consuming. Also they didn't renovate this house for a LTlost video, this is their home ! Be a little more respectful. Also if you seriously expected them to do renovation work themselves then you clearly don't understand why leaving the heavy renovation work to professionals was the best thing to do because if they messed it up it could have seriously damaged the house in the long run. Maybe they did do smaller cosmetic stuff like painting and tiling and stuff but again, you will never know because they are not obligated to film it. Seriously childish and disappointing.
Tendr.ly Prieš 11 val
I agree some of the comments are just downright mean. But most are just people being confused and giving criticism. And of course this is something they didn't even need to share. But because they did us as viewers are allowed to make our own opinions and to give criticism to try help and better the videos. If they didn't want criticism, they could of not posted it or turn the comments off. Alot of these comments are wanted more information and details into why and how they chose and came up with the ideas, which isn't really shown in the videos. I also would like to point out that I think the people wanting them to actually do the renovations themself as silly like you said. But because they are not doing that more information on the decision making would of been nice. To sum up: if you share your life it becomes open to opinions and criticism, which isn't always bad and helps people improve. The renovation series misses some important details which left many viewers confused.
FriesianFantasy LPJ
FriesianFantasy LPJ Prieš dieną
So basically you just bought a house that was already being renovated by a crew lmao. There is nothing wrong with that but I felt like you really misled us and built this up to be something that it absolutely wasn’t. This isn’t you guys out there renovating a house this is just you guys buying a house to rent. Also the chemistry between you and Ryan is so awkward idk if you guys are arguing or having a hard time but it seemed like y’all disagreed on so much and your facial expressions towards each other looked pretty irritated and rude. This whole series just was really misrepresented to us which is why your audience all don’t like it. The house looks beautiful but I wish we actually got to see what you promised us. You guys seemed so overwhelmed and disinterested. It’s pretty obvious you guys got into more than you thought and regretted it and forced yourselves to just finish it. Stick to things that you are passionate about than forcing it for a video.
Florida Prieš dieną
It Looks beautiful! Could you post the exterior and interior paint colors?
Mustafa Javed
Mustafa Javed Prieš dieną
Best couple on the planet
Kirsten Matthews
Kirsten Matthews Prieš dieną
This is beautiful, you should be proud of yourself! can’t wait for the next episode 😁
Allison Franziska
Allison Franziska Prieš dieną
I hope you guys are doing fine, tho! I actually can't wait for more of the vlog type of vids
Sonia Tan
Sonia Tan Prieš dieną
why're there so many negative comments :(
Anna Hollis
Anna Hollis Prieš dieną
Does Haley not read her comments and realize she's losing the support/respect of some of her longest subscribers? :/
Anyla Phillips
Anyla Phillips Prieš dieną
Nair works great I use the baby oil I wasn’t sure if it would work on my bikini line and you only leave it on for 3 mins depending on how thick the hair is it especially works on legs
Worthy Em
Worthy Em Prieš dieną
Love you Haley!❤️ hatters gonna hate but girl you got this!❤️
jae lag
jae lag Prieš dieną
beautful house, love how it turned out it’s clear this took a lot of work! congrats guys this was a really cool accomplishment i hope everything’s good with yall i wish yall the best!
poo bottom
poo bottom Prieš dieną
This series isn’t going to well, can’t give there was a trailer for this, sorry guys I probably put a lot of effort into this but u just document the process well enough, also the renovation was so boring lol it looks like every other house, it doesn’t differentiate ur house from others on Airbnb very well, and people are often looking for soemthing a little interesting
Richa Bailey
Richa Bailey Prieš dieną
I’m sure that the Airbnb with sell just fine!!
Georgia West
Georgia West Prieš dieną
2:22 "We're not gonna sit here and act like we're experts" ... them literally hyping up this entire series making it seem like they were going to be personally flipping a house and doing the work themselves in Fixer Upper type style, for literal months. only to see them walk around a house aimlessly commenting on other people's work. idk I love Haley and Ryan, but this whole series is so underwhelming. there was so much excitement and so little return. my dad owns his own handyman business and he's been flipping houses for 5+ years now, I used to help him during the summers, and I think I know more about the process than they do (and I know very little lmao). which is obviously okay if they were acting like they were trying to learn, but they've given off the impression that they were "so passionate" and "having been dreaming of this for years" when that is the exact opposite vibe I am actually getting from the finished product. but idk that's just my thoughts
poo bottom
poo bottom Prieš dieną
What happened to the backyard it’s looks dead u should water the grass
Makenna Richardson
Makenna Richardson Prieš dieną
why is no one talking about how good the tattoos look on her
Lloyd0809 Prieš dieną
I like how she said getting waxed at 17 is rock bottom when I went my first time when I was 14 w my aunt I’m like 💧 👁 👄 👁 💧
Katie Schirra
Katie Schirra Prieš dieną
the kitchen is so gorgeous omg
Kaitlyn Hart
Kaitlyn Hart Prieš dieną
You and Ryan should do a q&a cuz I think everyone is hella confused
Richa Bailey
Richa Bailey Prieš dieną
I think they are just taking some time after getting torn apart from that video, they are both super young and that had to have hit them super hard! Give them time :)
Jack Jack
Jack Jack Prieš dieną
Why do I feel like Erick is hitting on Haley the whole time?
marshmallowpapu Prieš dieną
I think the " awkwardness" everyone is talking about between them two is just the stress of redoing a house. It's probably one of their first challenges together. Like real challenge. A lot of work and disagreements.
Bella Petrovitch
Bella Petrovitch Prieš dieną
Omg it’s so cute! I love it!
Sophia Johnson
Sophia Johnson Prieš dieną
Idk about everyone else but I loved this video and found it very satisfying. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so no hate! 🤗
Mikal Buckner
Mikal Buckner Prieš dieną
I get why everyone is irritated that they didn't post any of the process, but renovating a house is a lot of work and it could be hard to film and edit videos while renovating. I'm just glad they let us see the house altogether. They didn't have to post anything if they didn't want to.
shesofunny Prieš dieną
If it was hard to film, why would they choose to make a series abt this?? They didnt have to post, but if they are gonna post it should be...good?
Taylor Harvey
Taylor Harvey Prieš dieną
Why do y'all feel like she has to show and tell you everything about her life. Your entitlement is showing sweetheart
Tendr.ly Prieš 11 val
Not everything just the parts she lets us see
Ash Quick
Ash Quick Prieš dieną
The criticism in these comments are so unnecessary, nice house :)
Mitra Louw
Mitra Louw Prieš dieną
both of their channels have gotten very impersonal, i think. not necessarily a bad thing but i feel like we really need a sit down video talking about everything that has been going on
LeslieBrooke64 Prieš dieną
Anybody else think the broken tree looked like a really cool porch rail at first 🤣🤣🤣
Val .s
Val .s Prieš dieną
After reading these comments, it seems like you have become disconnected with your audience. It happens, idk what going on bts, but try to connect with them more or take a lil break from LTlost.
reag s
reag s Prieš dieną
I haven’t watched any of Haley’s videos in a while and coming back I can’t help but feel like there’s something going on behind the camera. From what I understand this seemed to be more of Haley’s dream that Ryan was supporting but Ryan really carried this video. I hope Haley finds herself again...
Franny Heffelfinger
Franny Heffelfinger Prieš dieną
I’m so confused. Haley is selling mugs, getting her real-estate license, being an influencer, co running a podcast, and appearing in this awkward house makeover series. She’s spread too thin and you can tell her heart isn’t in everything.
ssweetteaa Prieš dieną
these past few videos have felt SO awkward. Haley and Ryan both seem to be extremely annoyed with each other and very off. I feel like they should both just take a break from being influencers and experience life without a camera for once. Whatever they have going on behind the scenes is showing on camera and it's so uncomfortable to watch. Especially since this series is all over the place. It doesn't feel planned and we barely got to see any of the demo work or anything else. Kind of feels like she is just rushing through this project and trying to avoid real life.
Jess Avery
Jess Avery Prieš dieną
The pressure the comment section has put on them is absolutely bonkers to me. There is a fine line between constructive criticism and just echoing the same anger over and over again. Can you imagine creating something and just never getting any positive feedback at all? She’s more than likely depressed or anxious just trying to finish this series off and move on to something else since all y’all can manage to do is hate on the series. Clearly it was disliked? I don’t think these comments are even contributing anything anymore. Cut her and Ryan some slack and maybe show support on their next project. I love their renovations and I think this was their first attempt at this style/genre of filming. Give them a chance to try new things and stop being so HARSH.
Tendr.ly Prieš 11 val
Maybe go comments something positive then? Instead of having the same negative energy but throwing it in the opposite direction
Stephanie Ramos
Stephanie Ramos Prieš dieną
I loooove how hailey is liking all these superficial comments like does she not care about what her audience is saying....
Lila need
Lila need Prieš dieną
this series is so intriguing! so excited for the next episode, lets hope we get to see the final product! :)