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The House on Cora Street - Trailer
a mundane day in my life :)
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I bought my dream fall wardrobe
Malyna Skafidas
Malyna Skafidas Prieš 6 minučių
Can someone please tell me what happened because I left when Ryan proposed so I don’t know what happened
Zoë A
Zoë A Prieš 12 minučių
It seems like you rushed because you wanted to do the deed... sorry that’s what it seems like after watching this.
Daniela L
Daniela L Prieš val
Okay but now we wanna see the pics
Sarah Wyatt
Sarah Wyatt Prieš val
stop blaming them for things you can’t go to, that’s not their fault they can make their own decisions
Lelu J.
Lelu J. Prieš val
I understand where you guys are coming from. Things happen. People are imperfect. I’m happy you guys are married tho. You both love each other so much and I’m happy for you! You guys will grow so much together! Love you guys
Lelu J.
Lelu J. Prieš val
@Haley Pham
Vanessa Flores
Vanessa Flores Prieš 3 val
Honestly I don’t think y’all should necessarily apologize for something that’s supposed to be a really happy beautiful moment in your lives it’s something personal y’all should be proud of u don’t have to listen to all the comments about the negativity towards not confronting not showing the wedding u guys shouldn’t have to apologize at all but I hope the best for y’all and that you’ll stay together for many years to come❤️❤️❤️
Brittany DuBois
Brittany DuBois Prieš 6 val
so many other people have done the same thing within the past year but you guys get flamed just because you have a following
Felicity Bele
Felicity Bele Prieš 7 val
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Tessy :D
Tessy :D Prieš 7 val
People in the comments really just want them to regret GETTING MARRIED chill.
alex jones asmr
alex jones asmr Prieš 9 val
classic manipulative youtube apology lol
dani td
dani td Prieš 10 val
you're going to look back on your wedding day and it won't give you the butterflies it should because you both were unnecessarily impulsive and inconsiderate. i'm sad for the fact that a monumental event in your life has lost most of its sentiment, and i'm sorry to say, but there's no one to blame but yourselves. why, just why would you do this? the wedding could have been held off. it would have been worth the wait, because the world would be celebrating with you.
Kiarra Haight
Kiarra Haight Prieš 13 val
My favorite seller is, they are truly amazing with their products, would definitely recommend you to check them out!
moneystrb22 Prieš 16 val
Stop giving these children clout. They are selfish people masquerading as kind Christians. If you have to scream something from the rooftops, then you aren’t that thing. Actions will always speak louder than words.
lori 8
lori 8 Prieš 19 val
When yr engaged its a problem when yr not its a problem f society do what u want
alana fuentes
alana fuentes Prieš 19 val
now sequel with husband
alana fuentes
alana fuentes Prieš 19 val
now yo need to do this with husband
lxvleyiilyla Prieš 20 val
I didn’t even know they got married smh
RC Norwood
RC Norwood Prieš 21 val
the horrible people shaming them they are still young but that does give excuses all the love trahanfam
Madison Reynolds
Madison Reynolds Prieš 22 val
What did they do
Randa Beard
Randa Beard Prieš 23 val
Just stumbled on these two today... And I already see how immature they really are and how they are trying to be a young married couple... Doing all the grown up things... That are not important.. very disingenuous is what I have seen today . How sad 😲
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson Prieš dieną
Y’all should not have to apologize for getting married and celebrating with your friends and family. Y’all we have to wake up. We have the right to live our lives, we have the right to choose what we put in and on our bodies. I’m sorry y’all are getting hate and backlash. Wake up people!! The government doesn’t have the right to control us the way they have been.
Shaima Saleh
Shaima Saleh Prieš 18 val
just say ur selfish too
Isabelle Mensik
Isabelle Mensik Prieš dieną
So did y’all... Um... ya know..? You should make a girl talk now
Liz G
Liz G Prieš dieną
i don’t even follow haley but she stays being problematic lol how do ppl still subscribe to her ??
fun stuff
fun stuff Prieš dieną
Ok, they obviously said sorry and there is a valid reason for us to be mad. But u guys do realize they have the best approach on this than any other LTlostr apologies so pls pls remember to not take the comments to far. U have a right to be mad, just don't take it to far.
Jaya Eskridge
Jaya Eskridge Prieš dieną
You knew it was wrong...if you didn’t you wouldn’t have kept it a secret😐
Olivia McNeil
Olivia McNeil Prieš dieną
Wow people need to chill. They apologized, it’s in the past and they can’t change it, so seriously move on. Y’all act so righteous like you’ve never made mistakes before.
luna rose
luna rose Prieš dieną
exactly!! like you tubers can’t make mistakes without the whole world ending omg, yeah maybe it wasn’t the best idea what they did but whatever it happened akreafu
okeykirby Prieš dieną
U r dumbasses lol
Angelicoffeebean Prieš dieną
“Is my eye just tiny” me first time putting on contacts
misssammaa Prieš dieną
Who tf cares it’s their life
Susanna Shenouda
Susanna Shenouda Prieš dieną
Cancel culture
Amy Thompson
Amy Thompson Prieš dieną
They aren’t showing the wedding because they aren’t endorsing their actions
Jade Hart
Jade Hart Prieš dieną
Ashleigh S
Ashleigh S Prieš dieną
I've been loving your content lately !! :)
caroline Dobson
caroline Dobson Prieš dieną
You should try to find cheap dupes! Like nasty gal, urban, forever 21 for the high waisted modern type
Claire Murray
Claire Murray Prieš dieną
Aerie is my all time favorite! You should try them again
Lotte de Vink
Lotte de Vink Prieš dieną
sidthesquid TV
sidthesquid TV Prieš dieną
I’m surprised you didn’t include CupShe for the affordable bikinis! I just got my summer bikinis from there & im super happy with them so I’m wondering what you would think of their style!
Lisa Fisserman
Lisa Fisserman Prieš dieną
You can handsew the shirring bottoms from target, so it doesn't shrinks to the middle
Mairi MacVicar
Mairi MacVicar Prieš dieną
Can you try holister and H&M swimwear
Ana Barjaktarović
Ana Barjaktarović Prieš dieną
The bottoms which keep moving, green and colorful, you can just sew the material to the string so it doesn't move! Love youu! 💋
Miss RK
Miss RK Prieš dieną
We still support and love you💗
Rusnė Valiukaitė
Rusnė Valiukaitė Prieš dieną
Lara Baldwin
Lara Baldwin Prieš dieną
wait for the scrunch issue on the purple target one try to sew the side where you want them to sit!
Emma Tacchino
Emma Tacchino Prieš dieną
I have a sage green bikini from aerie and it’s kinda revealing on my chest but it’s boosted my confidence a TON
H&M Science
H&M Science Prieš dieną
they're married?????
OppositeofHATE7 Prieš dieną
First aerie one was a Very unflattering style for a young woman. Maybe a 3 year old
Jo Kelley
Jo Kelley Prieš dieną
you should try the aerie crossover high cut cheeky bikini bottoms with the aerie wrap halter bikini top! its exactly what you describe as the style you like in this video and its so so comfortable and trendy. honestly I feel like it'd be one of your stop favs if you gave it a shot. EDIT: the bikini bottoms also come in different coverage levels if you don't want cheeky! but personally I don't like to wear super cheeky bottoms either and id consider them decently full coverage. my concern with the more full coverage ones is that they might end up feeling a bit granny panty like
hjancor Prieš dieną
yall couldve even live streamed it if you didnt want to wait
riri gozles
riri gozles Prieš dieną
I just want to say how cute Spock is in the background, especially at 10:31 ☺
P I N K B U N N Y Prieš dieną
No but like iconic ✨
Mr. Alexander
Mr. Alexander Prieš dieną
Haley lowkey SHREDDED
destinyjoy98 Prieš dieną
The body positivity moment literally made me so happy🥰
Lou Prieš dieną
Haley is such a queen
Annie Hayes
Annie Hayes Prieš dieną
I think you would like aerie’s crossover waist bikinis
Nicole Swanson
Nicole Swanson Prieš dieną
Dude these people in the comments are just sad. Yea, you're held to a hire standard just because people watch you, but still. I hope that eventually you can still look back and be happy about your wedding.
luna rose
luna rose Prieš dieną
yeah i rlly hope they will be blue to look back at their wedding and enjoy it..
Sydney Szala
Sydney Szala Prieš dieną
Please tell us where your bed frame is from😍😭
Allison Yee
Allison Yee Prieš dieną
i bought three of the same target tops.....
amberfirexx9 Prieš dieną
green and blue were my faves! the last one was not worth the money IMO. also haley going from xs to xl in the same video is so relatable lmao thats also my body type
charlize trevino
charlize trevino Prieš dieną
love u sm
Katie hi
Katie hi Prieš dieną
Hannah Caballero
Hannah Caballero Prieš dieną
Girl please drop where you got your lock necklace from !!!
EmmaleighJoy :)
EmmaleighJoy :) Prieš dieną
The black and white one was my fave before you said it was in your top two!!! You look GOOD sis
Gisele Gallegos
Gisele Gallegos Prieš dieną
i was waiting patiently too i was exited it like shwoing a trailer for a movie that never came out this is really disapointing
Hannah Chang
Hannah Chang Prieš dieną
I like the checkered one
Rosalynne Dedmon
Rosalynne Dedmon Prieš dieną
I loved the body positivity! And you look beautiful :) also love the new intro/editing, it's really nice
Lily C
Lily C Prieš dieną
Ryan looks really stressed out and I feel really bad about the criticism they are receiving. Yes I know holding big events during that time wasn’t suggested at all and it wasn’t the best decision for them but they are just a young couple and I can’t imagine how hard it must be to cope with so much negative comments. They are just trying to get through like all of us during these crazy times. It may not mean much to Hayley and Ryan but I just want y’all to know that I accept your apology and congratulations on getting married! ✨👰🏽‍♀️🤵🏼
Patience Korell
Patience Korell Prieš dieną
I'm so lost. I don't watch youtube for like a month or two and she's moved out of their house? What's happening?
Aleesia Westrick
Aleesia Westrick Prieš dieną
I can’t wait to go to collage
Hannah Ross
Hannah Ross Prieš dieną
Chizoba Ezueh
Chizoba Ezueh Prieš dieną
It’s the new intro for me😍😍😍
CupcakeLover7 Prieš dieną
The aerie sky blue top is cute to use as a top with some jeans
Laura Chahin
Laura Chahin Prieš dieną
haley: tries on the aerie bikini me: stares at SHPOCKK at the back being insanely cute
lyssa testa
lyssa testa Prieš dieną
HACK FOR THOSE SKETCHY BOTTOMS sew the underwear bit to the actual drawstring and boom no more worrying about being exposed 💗
Emma Carver
Emma Carver Prieš dieną
bod goals
Sammie Louise
Sammie Louise Prieš dieną
Every time you tried one on I was like “this is my favorite” and it just kept going. I really do think that green one and the last 2 suite you and flatter your figure very well. Plus the colors are bomb asf!
Kélyane__ Prieš dieną
the colorblock suit is on shein for like 20$
GRACE-MAY ! Prieš dieną
You guys are not being Immature you are being selfish and ignorant if you are hiding something you obviously know it is not right
Elise Stech
Elise Stech Prieš dieną
oh my god the new intro i LOVE
Sofia Montes
Sofia Montes Prieš dieną
spock sitting on the bed and watching is the cutest thing ever 🥺💗
sam Prieš dieną
Btw the high waisted bottoms from Aerie are EVERYTHING you should try them!!!